Metalsmith iiji


'LIFE' is a fundamental theme of my work which is inspired from nature, or formed incidentally in the making process. None of my works are exactly identical, like all leaves are slightly different in shape, and that is what I would like to achieve.




Ai Iijima studied basic metalworking, especially in jewellery making in Japan.
After graduating from Japanese school, she was keen to gain a European art & craft education (mainly metalworking). In the UK, she studied 3D Materials Practice at Camberwell College of Arts London and the University of Brighton, majoring in metalworking and wood work.
Since then, she has been a blacksmith apprentice at Glynde Forge near Lewes.
She returned to Japan after took apprentiship for 3 and half years and opend her own Blacksmith workshop called 'Metalsmith iiji'.
From 2018, she has been taking a part of TATARA MATSURI in Yachiyo as a role of Blacksmith.
Also she is a member of Chiba Traditional Blackamith Association since 2019.

より技術的な事を学びたいと言う理由からブライトン大学, 3D Materials Practice (WMCP)コースへ編入し金工と木工を専攻。
2011年冬に本帰国。結婚・出産を経て5年間成田国際空港の免税店に従事後2017年春に退社。千葉県八千代市に工房を構えmetalsmith iijiとして開業。




2019- : Chiba Traditional Blacksmiths Association, japan
2018- : Tatara Festival Blacksmithing Demonstration, Yachiyo, Japan
2017- :Opening Forge at Yachiyo-shi, Chiba Japan
2011 - 2017: NAAR (Tax Free shop at Narita International Airport), Japan
2008 - 2011: Blacksmith Apprentice at Glynde Forge, near Lewes UK
2007 - 2009: 3D Materials Practice (Wood, Metal, Ceramic & Plastic) at University of Brighton, Brighton UK
2006 - 2007: 3D Material and Critical Practice at Camberwell College of Arts, London UK
2005 - 2006: Foundation Course (Fine Art Sculpture) at Camberwell College of Arts, London UK
2001 - 2004: Fine Art Course (Wood, Metal, Ceramic, Plastic and general Art & Design) at Tokyo Gakkan Technical High School, Chiba Japan


2019- :千葉県打刃物連絡会 準会員
2018- :黒沢池のたたら祭 実行委員/鍛冶実演
2017- :千葉県八千代市に工房を構える
2011 - 2017: (株)NAAリテイリング(成田国際空港)
2008 - 2011: イギリス Glynde Forge 鍛冶屋テリー・タイハーストの元に弟子入り
2007 - 2009: イギリス ブライトン大学 立体造形コース・金属工芸&木工芸専攻
2006 - 2007: イギリス カンバーウェルカレッジオブアーツ・ロンドン立体造形コース
2005 - 2006: イギリス カンバーウェルカレッジオブアーツ・ロンドン基礎コース・彫刻&ファインアート専攻
2001 - 2004: 東京学館総合技術高校工芸科・金属工芸専攻(現・東京学館船橋高校美術工芸科)

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